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What can you find on this website?

Stories. Of all kinds. From all over the world. From people of all kinds of skin color, regardless of the gender or religious beliefs.

Andrada Anitei (owner of Valuable Diversity Magazine @ & kids

Who is behind all this?

A woman. A human. A simple person, who loves to see others grow. An individual that is keen into exposing the shine a human soul has. An idealist and an advocate for justice and integrity. A hardworking entrepreneur, passionate by personal development, understanding (instead of judging) and getting involved in humanitarian campaigns. A writer & editor, web designer, logo & video creator and a single mom of 2 young girls.

A backstage director, not a spotlights actor.

As I welcome you to my on-line home (in hopes you will find some answers or be willing to share your own story with me), I feel the need of telling you this:

People are beautiful, but they don’t know it yet!”

Yes, the above is my own saying and you can use it without an issue, as long as you credit the rightful owner. I believe in standing up against plagiarism and I’m asking you please to play by the rules, as long as your visit lasts in here.

Thank you for your visit and you are welcome back, at all times.


My first ever series of videos, in which I choose to speak about how I do my InterviewsHere, for day 5, speaking about the importance of Details.



Since I breathe creativity and I’m in love with words, you will find plenty of writing samples in here. I recommend you should read the story “The Box Effect” and other pieces in the creative writing category.


When you have an idea, which turns into a piece of writing, editing needs to be considered. If a post is well written, yet the display is chaotic, the value decreases sans acknowledgement. Also, grammar errors or complicated/ too long phrases make readers lose focus. Let me show you the beauty of rephrasing and the magic of a well-placed comma.

Video creation

You have a slight idea of what is the message you want to send, but you need help in shaping the story line? A creative mind can take you out of trouble. All my videos have a history behind.


If you have an awesome inspirational book, let’s talk. I would love to review materials that can help others overcome their hardships or give them a new perspective over this world. A good product or service will do the trick as well.

Voices of people I worked with

“When you’re looking for someone who has drive, charisma and knows how to talk to people, Andrada is definitely your person! Anyone who engages with her interviews is left with a warm feeling of inner beauty shining through her words. She does a great job writing, interacting and capturing stories.
“Working with her was simply encouraging as she is truly professional, human-loving and an amazing soul. I experienced her as a motivated person who is driven by her healthy curiosity to tap into human stories – highlighting personalities with such captivating simplicity.”
“Saying she’s a talented writer is an understatement, because, she’s also an interviewer, editor, script writer and poet. A genius! Rare gem and the last we may ever see in the World of creativity. Having worked with her many times, I recommend her to any result driven entity or person.”
“With the help of her words she wants to write on topics that nobody dares to speak about and she has been very successful so far. She maintains a discipline and has always stuck to her word. Her worth ethic and values in life are to look up to and learn from.”

Co-founder of Africa Unite Charity

Co-founder of platform

Initiator of SilentVoice campaign

Valuable Diversity Magazine Logo @

Owner of Valuable Diversity Interviews

Co-host of VulneRevolution

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Co-host of USA Immigrants