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Why is volunteering important?

Volunteering for humanitarian cases is not something to brag about, yet needs to be exposed. Maybe, one day, many more people will care about the needy ones…

This world seems to care too much about shallow assets and less and less every day about the ones around. We lose interest in helping others get to the finish line of this existence in a decent way.

We see new technology and crave for it. But witness poverty and turn our head the other way. We acknowledge nature dying, yet we still light fires in the woods. Letting animal species extinguish, while we’re too eager to defend our interests only, is not a matter that needs focus. We give and always expect for the favor to be returned.


Help without expectations

We’re no longer able to HELP WITHOUT A HIDDEN AGENDA ! Volunteering has become a luxury. Or, from the opposite angle, a job for the low or middle class. The “high class” is busy driving their latest, coolest car; buying the latest smart TV or the most intelligent mobile phone.

But what about the people that live every single day, on the edge of existence, due to poverty or external factors they cannot control? Should they be overlooked, just because we have a roof above our heads and food on the table?

Engage yourself in volunteering! In time, you may find that the greatest reward is seeing people shine; seeing kids going to school; seeing elders being given a new chance if they’re laid off; and seeing this world becoming a better place, to which you can contribute every day!

Take a look at the videos I created for various cases and ask yourself “Why I did this?”.

Nobody asks you to let go of all your fortune! Just remember to give back to society, regardless of the amount. Caring for others and treating them with compassion is actually FREE. You may want to think about this…

Volunteering is blessing! 
Give without expecting in return and collect the best rewards!

What is Africa Unite Charity?


An adventure. The aim of this organization is to help poor kids in Africa stay in school. As well as giving them hope for a better tomorrow. In time, we plan t expand the activity, in order to help people all over the world.

What is AF ?


A free platform for content creators of all sorts. Be it that we are talking about writers, video creators, vloggers, musicians… They all have their places there. The aim of this platform is to promote value and give creators a real chance to expose their skills. In the same time, we help companies or individuals looking for talent, as well, since they can identify the perfect candidate for their job. Additionally, job posting service is available, with no charge.

What is USA Immigrants series?


A series conceived for understanding the hardships immigrants go through. From leaving their homes and looking for a refuge place, to being discriminated due to their origin.

What is #VulneRevolution?


#VulneRevolution is a series of interviews, initiated by Louise Mccauley, which I am co-hosting. The concept behind it stands for understanding how people see vulnerability;  and, eventually, to figure out if there is any kind of solution we can develop, in order to help people speak up and embrace their vulnerability.

What is #ValuableDiversity?

The initial interview series I own, that eventually gave the name of this magazine. Is a series meant to showcase the beauty of people from all around the world and bring them together. Is a series for the one that want to find interesting stories of normal people, who have dreams and work hard to achieve them. Whereas stars have their places, this series is dedicated to the regular people you would never hear about otherwise.

What is #SilentVoice campaign?


My attempt to help people leave their fears behind and find the strength to stand up for their rights. We are given some core rights at birth, but society tries to stump over them. So, if you have a story that can help others and you want to share it, but you’re scare about the repercussions, let’s have a talk. Privacy is one of my corner values. See the real life story I published and you will understand what is my approach.

On the other hand, my final purpose is to help people get in touch with a life coach, who can guide them through and hold their hand towards the light at the end of the tunnel.