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Why videos?

Videos make the world go ’round, lately. Though I am a true written words advocate, I understand the importance of motion in our lives. As such, this page is exclusively dedicated to this sort of art, which sends emotion through images, sound and text.

Enjoy my work and know that feedback is highly appreciated.

Africa Unite Charity 

A message sent for making a change for the poor kids in Africa, with an emphasis on the hope we can give them a better tomorrow.

#SilentVoice campaign

Encouraging people to be themselves and voice their minds is one of my favorite activities. Therefore, this campaign is meant to do precisely this.


While the general idea is that women are the only ones abused, I come with this video proving than men suffer as well, but they risk being exposed to stigma if they tell. Society preaches that “men don’t cry”, but this is completely wrong! They do, yet they hide it!

AF Platform Q&A Session

“Q&A session with AF” is an explanatory video for the free platform we conceived for content creators, to showcase their value.