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Story of a dream

My writing

I started writing during a tough period of my life. Ever since, I learned the power of words and fell iremediably in love with this craft.

I discovered myself, I learned more about self-worth than ever before and I met amazing people (on LinkedIn), that love to read my stories. All these people encouraged me to keep going. Actually, to never give up on my dream of becoming a great writer.

People and interviews

After I understood how beautiful people actually are and that, unfortunately, they are not aware of their own shine, I decided to bring people together. So, I started interviewing people from all over the world. As so, my first interviews series (#ValuableDiversity) was born. To my surprise, every interview is very well received. So, I understood that people really want to get to know others they never met before. And interviews make great stories.

But not in any way. I, for one, need to feel a connection with my interviewees. I can’t do it otherwise. So, before building up the questions for them, I usually have a call with them. And the call is only meant to let me know them and feel their vibe. To read between the lines, as they say.

OK, so now what?

With all this experience behind me, I decided to turn this website into a valuable magazine and present the stories I so much love discovering. Because each individual is unique.

Despite the differences in gender, beliefs, color of eyes or skin, we all have dreams and hardships. And, regardless of our degree of consciousness, we all need to be connected to the others. We love to empower and we love to see others grow. But, some of us, were never taught HOW to do this.

So, my aim now is to help people discover their inner strength, the beauty that lies within and the courage to speak their minds. In the other hand, I would love to know that I can change lives, by making people understand that choice is always free and it’s always in our own hands.


Change starts with ONE !

The website

There were several variants of this website, due to the fact that I am a self-learner. I’ve created 5 out of 6 by myself. So, initially, this website was meant to be my virtual diary (kind of). But, as we all evolve over time, this is what it turned into, therefore what you can find on this website…

The change

After an entire year of creating and recreating, losing all my work (thanks God for some back-up!) and rethinking and reshaping, this website has finally turned into the magazine of my dreams. A magazine that aims to bring a change in your mindset and give you uplifting material.

Consequently, since I’m in love with storytelling, I come in front of you with real life stories that will shake your ground. Be it from personal experience or the ones of people around me (as a figure of speech, since I’m connected to people from all over the world, that found a crib into my soul), I am sure you will find something to resonate with or learn from.

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And stories arise…

As such, from simple personal scribblings, I turned all this into interviews. And they will make the main part of this adventure. Of course, I will not give up on sharing my personal views. So, here and there, you will still find a creative story or an article questioning life and its meaning.

Before proceeding with reading anything else, remember that I’m here to understand and present different perspectives, rather than judge and allow anyone to point out a finger.