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The Value I can Add

creative writing for "Services" page by Andrada Anitei @ TakeNoFake
Creative Writing

Since I breathe creativity and I’m in love with words, you will find plenty of writing samples in here. I recommend you should read “The Box Effect” story and others alike, in the creative writing category.

blog post writing for "Services" page by Andrada Anitei @ TakeNoFake
Blog posts writing (+ posting, if required)

Regardless of the field of expertise, a good post consists in not just knowledge, but research as well. As such, asking for assistance for blog posts is not something to avoid, especially if you are always on the run, yet need your story to be spoken and strategically placed.

website copy writing in "Services" page by Andrada Anitei @ TakeNoFake
Website copy writing (+ posting, if required)

I take your personality, merge it with your business profile and make every single word express what you do best. Let the real you shine and observe the reactions.

Diversity Interviews by Andrada Anitei @ TakeNoFake

As a personality explorer, I am keen to know my guests better. So, before everything, I take a call with them. If you want to be interviewed by me, we need to establish a real life connection first. No interview is made up. Everything is as genuine as it can be.

Technical documentation in "Services" page by Andrada Anitei @ TakeNoFake
Technical Documentation

My geeky background allows me to shape a very well put technical documentation. If you need a well written SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) for your business or a step-by-step user guide for your product/ service, let me know.

Product/ services reviews in "Services" page by Andrada Anitei @ TakeNoFake
Product/ Services Reviews

User testing is like playing in a yard filled with surprises. Once you discover an interesting detail, you are – subconsciously – driven to compare it to others. Let’s do this together and find out how your product/ service description will attract prospects. Moreover, let’s find out how the end users rank your product/ service.

Editing in "Services" page by Andrada Anitei @ TeakeNoFake

When you have an idea, which turns into a piece of writing, editing needs to be considered. If a post is well written, yet the display is chaotic, the value decreases without you even knowing it. Also, grammar errors or complicated/ too long phrases make readers lose focus. Let me show you the beauty of rephrasing and the magic of a well-placed comma.

Proofreading in "Services" page by Andrada Anitei @ TakeNoFake

Once the editing part is accomplished, just before releasing a text, proofreading is critical. Without it, any minor error may sleep human sight. And your work goes down the drain in a second. It would be a pity to be “disqualified” for such details.

Book reviews

If you have an awesome inspirational book, let’s talk. I would love to review materials that can help others overcome their hardships or give them a new perspective over this world.

Video script writing in "Services" page by Andrada Anitei @ TakeNoFake
Video Scripts

You have a slight idea of what is the message you want to send, but you need help in shaping the story line? A creative mind can take you out of trouble. All videos have a history behind.

Videos created by Andrada Anitei @ TakeNoFake
Video Creation

After you set the story line, you need to put it in motion. It takes hours and hours of work and a great attention to details. And you may not be a fan of rewinding a second of motion for a hundred times, until it’s perfect.

Video Editing in "Services" page by Andrada Anitei @ TakeNoFake
Video Editing

I can turn a “plain” video of yourself into a piece of art, by adding captions, background music, an into section and outro section. Every millisecond is important, but I ensure that the words you speak will be captured exactly at the right time. Background music makes a video more attractive and the intro/ outro sections make it look professional.

Web design in "Services" page by Andrada Anitei @ TakeNoFake
Web design

When you start a business or a personal adventure, what best way can you find to make prospects learn about you? Well, an on-line home, that presents your strengths and conveys your message to the world. In the most appealing way. Let’s talk about it and tell you more. I created all my websites by myself .

Valuable Diversity Magazine logo

This very logo is my creation. When you create a website, one of the most important details is your logo, as it will send your message in the first few seconds of interaction with the visitor. It’s your brand. Make it stand out!

Did I manage to draw your attention? Then, let’s connect and find out how we can collaborate.