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When we reflect, by being fair to ourselves, we can change lives for good. Starting with our own. Writing was, and still is, my way if get in touch with my inner strength; to discover my value and that tremendous willing to make a change.

The more power we give to inner talks and external human behavior, the more we grow and the more we understand. And, as e get to understand, we can take a stand for good causes.

My New Year’s wish to you…

We search for wealth and we search within... We're advocates of environment or destroy it with bare hands... We write, we sing, we build, we dance; we swim, we cook, we sew, we work the land... We help and watch pain passing by behind our eyes; we give freely and we expect reward. We judge and we accept.. Continue reading

Day 3 or flavor of kindness: Let time be

We wake up each morning, rush to the office, forget to display that healthy smile, surrendering - instead - to the cold comfort of oblivion. Oblivion towards the wonders of life, towards what we enjoy the most, a complete acceptance of automatism. At a quick glance, must of us are grumpy, craving for that energy-bosting giant cup of coffee. Continue reading

Day 1 of flavor of kindness: Patience

You see, people - times and often - judge teachers. Why? Because they might be raising their voices to cover the noise of 20 or more kids, because they straighten up their kids' behavior and, sometimes, not in the kindest way; because they want to communicate with the parent about their child's not-that-fine way of being in the community. Stop! Rules? Hmm... But that's another topic. Continue reading