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Let me bring you a different kind of news. I engage to not allow the latest fashion trends, politics or discrimination make the front page. These can only be in here if there is anything that I may consider to add value to the reader.

So, the information you will find in the News section will be about people and mindsets. Valuable stories about fruitful collaborations, new projects or innovative ways to overcome a difficult situation.

Therefore, I’ll make sure you get the most uplifting or life-changing messages, from across the globe.

Letter to today’s journalism and media industry

   - Letter to today's journalism and media industry - I was never the kind of role model citizen, in the means of sustaining this nation till the end of the world. Actually, there were plenty of times when I felt as if I should have been born somewhere else. However, as years slipped through my fingers, I made the choice to pick up one good thing from here, another one from there, to spread a good vibe and the vision that there's still hope, to people around me. Continue reading